ERZBERGRODEO 2016: The date is fixed!


Enzersfeld / Eisenerz, August 2015

For ambitious motorcycle offroad athletes all over the world waiting has come to an end: the official announcement of the actual date of the Erzbergrodeo's 22nd edition is the starting shot for thousands of Enduro riders to begin preparing for the toughest Xtreme Enduro race of the year. Additionally, tens of thousands of motorsports fans all around the globe will mark the weekend from May 26th to 29th 2016 in their calendars!

After the Erzbergrodeo is right before the Erzbergrodeo - something like a "summer break" is not available for the Erzbergrodeo’s mastermind Karl Katoch and his organisation crew, as preparation works are well under way since several months. "Of course the fixing of the event's date is of highest priority, but we've been already working for the 2016 edition since the beginning of this year. Main organisation aspects are the conservation and optimization of the infrastructure for our tens of thousands of visitors, the saftey concept for both competitors and spectators, an efficient waste disposal system, energy supplies and an effective traffic control system during the event. Over the past weeks we have gathered and analysed feedback from all purviews of our organisation crew of the Erzbergrodeo 2015. This feedback is now implemented into the plannings of the Erzbergrodeo XXII.", the Erzbergrodeo's head of organisation Mark Schilling describes the challenges behind the curtains of the unique World Xtreme Enduro event in the heart of Austria.

The retrospect of the Erzbergrodeo's 21st edition is more than positive: 6000 competitors and entourage, 800 men and women crew, 250 international media represantants and hundreds of VIP guests populated the "small town at the iron mountain" on the first weekend of June 2015. Some more 40000 enthusiastic motorsports fans experienced high-level motorcycle offroad racing over four days of full throttle: 1500 competitors from 38 nations and all continents challenged the "Iron Giant", amongst them celebrities like stunt riding icon Robbie Maddison and former Formula-1 superstar Mark Webber. History was in the making at the Red Bull Hare Scramble when 4 riders shared the win in 2015. The breathtaking and dramatic course of the race was broadcasted live around the globe and glued motorsports fans to their screens for four hours. The Erzbergrodeo isn't called „World Xtreme Enduro“ for nothing, the event is the most renowned motorcycle offroad festival for actionsports enthusiasts all over the world. The impressive 2015 international media output ranked Erzbergrodeo amongst the top-100 motorsports topics in print media, web reports and on TV worldwide. National social media rankings saw the Erzbergrodeo reach top-50 positions with up to 3 million users following the event on facebook and twitter.

Red Bull Hare Scramble 2016: revised track design for more rideability!

Besides all the organisatorical topics, the main goal for the race promotors is to keep the competitions interesting, spectacular and unique for all competitors and spectators. The Erzbergrodeo offers even more than one race event over the four days, each of them featuring unique characteristics: Kärcher Rocket Ride, Generali Iron Road Prologue and the definite highlight - the Red Bull Hare Scramble.

Erzbergrodeo race promotor Karl Katoch explains the tasks for race control and track building: "The massive acceptance of our racing events amongst the interantional Hard Enduro community is not only a confirmation of our work and efforts, it's as well a big commitment to the sports for us. Over the past two decades Erzbergrodeo has taken on the role of a trailblazer for xtreme motorcycle offroad races by steadily creating new ideas and establishing trends. Being a benchmark for the international community means that we also have a certain responsibility for the further development of Xtreme Enduro sports. The 21st edition of Erzbergrodeo has unwantedly written history.

By raising the challenges of the Red Bull Hare Scramble way too hard we have overestimated the riders potential, but we have also learned that there are limits which we should not exceed. For 2016 we will design a more rideable racetrack. The Red Bull Hare Scramble will remain a real tough challenge for each competitor, but riders should be able to master the respective track sections according to their skill levels.", Katoch reveals the first changes for the Erzbergrodeo's 22nd edition. 




Erzbergrodeo XXII: Endurocross returns to the Iron Giant!

2007 marked the rise of a new star at Erzberg. Taddy Blazusiak turned heads at the Endurocross race event in front of thousands of excited spectators - and became an inseparable part of the so called "Myth of Erzbergrodeo". In 2016, the spectacular race format will return to be one of Erzbergrodeo's amazing side events and might as well reveal another sensation.

Karl Katoch describes the new event: "We are planning the new Endurocross race as a spectacular side event for each competitor held directly inside the Erzbergrodeo Arena. Riders will first have to race against the stopwatch during the qualifying heats on Friday and Saturday. The fastest riders will then proceed to the Superfinals on Saturday evening, featuring exciting head-to-head battles: 2 riders race against each other, the respective winner proceeds to the next round. Riders will not only net glory, experience and the interest of the Factory Team Managers, we will also award a Wild Card starting spot for the first row of Red Bull Hare Scramble to the most impressive amateur rider!" Besides offering breathtaking and intense racing action, a new superstar of Xtreme Enduro Racing might as well emerge from the 2016 Endurocross at Erzberg.

Erzbergrodeo XXII: registration kicks-off in October 2015!

The first "race event" of Erzbergrodeo traditionally starts months prior to the actual event in front of the computer screens: the online registration for the Erzbergrodeo 2016 will once again see thousands of ambitious Enduro athletes virtually fighting for one of the 1500 entries.
Registration will start in October 2016, the exact date will be published soon.

With kind regards,
Martin Kettner
Erzbergrodeo Press/Media-Service

Martin Kettner