Josh Brooks springt den Berg in Cadwell Park


Loser die kein Englisch können, sind auf der MR Webseite sowieso fehl am Platze:


“Simple, I do it because its the fastest way I know how to get over there. I go as fast as I can and as a result I get air borne. As a bonus its fun and the crowd loves it. I can see why people are scared to jump, it can go bad really easily. I know the years of motocross are an advantage. I know how to jump and not get to out of shape. I go through the turns before the jump just like any other. On the up ramp to the jump I use a lot of throttle but more importantly I keep a lot of lean angle even though its going to be leaving the ground. I stay sat down until the take off point where I stand up as the bike takes off. I get over the front a little because the acceleration makes the front comes up a bit. If the bike stays to level I may give it a rev in the air to get the front up. I like to land rear wheel first.”