Grand Prix Brazil - Highlights

Webb Oton:

It all came down to the last corner for the overall and I managed to get by Jonny Walker for the win. I felt like I was riding well, but I made it hard on myself with too many mistakes, I guess we’re all just pushing so hard that it’s so easy to crash. We’ve got a weekend off now and then it’s the final two rounds back to back so everything is still to play for.”

Walker Oton:

Even so I was still fighting for the overall victory right up until the final corner so I think that’s positive. In the first race I rode sort of tense and just couldn’t do anything to challenge the top two guys, then in race two I focused on my own race and the win came my way. I almost had the overall but to finish third overall and only two points off the top step of the podium is good. I’ve got the championship lead with two rounds to go so I’m looking forward to getting back to Europe.”


Next Race: March 12, 2016 – Prague (CZE)

Results Prestige Class Belo Horizonte 2016
1. Cody Webb (USA), KTM (1-2-2)
2. Colton Haaker (USA, Husqvarna (2-3-1)
3. Jonny Walker (GBR), KTM (3-1-3)
4. Taylor Robert (USA), KTM (6-4-4)
5. Alfredo Gomez (ESP) KTM (5-5-5)
Other KTM

7. Ty Tremaine (USA), KTM (8-7-6)

Standings Prestige Class 2016 after 4 of 6 rounds
1. Walker, 212 points
2. Webb, 203
3. Haaker, 188
4. Gomez, 142
5. Robert, 141
Other KTM

6. Tremaine, 116

Results Junior Class Belo Horizonte 2016
1. Manuel Lettenbichler (GER), KTM (1-1-1)

2. Luis Oliveira (POR), Yamaha (2-2-4)
3. Blake Gutzeit (RSA), Husqvarna (3-3-2)
4. Tim Apolle (GER), Husqvarna (4-4-3)
5. Bruno Crivilin (BRA), KTM (5-5-5)

Standings Junior Class 2016 after 4 of 6 rounds
1. Lettenbichler, 223 points

2. Oliveira, 181
3. Gutzeit, 170
4. Apolle, 146
5. Mathias Martinsen (NOR), KTM, 74