Die Ranch

Valentino Rossi's MotoRanch in Tavullia surely is a special place. Situated on the Hills near The Doctor's hometown, it includes a dirt track with multiple layouts where the Italian legend can train alongside the students of his own VR46 Riders Academy. Along the years, Rossi has invited many of his friends and fellow riders to have some fun at his private track, and this is well-documented by several videos and pictures.

In the sixth and newer Webisode of the Dainese Series, The Doctor himself takes you beyond the gates of his famed house and explains what's the story behind the track and how it became so popular with his mates.

The video includes exclusive footage of the nine-time World Champion in action on his own track and a contribution from his father - and former GP racer - Graziano Rossi, who has a corner named after him. Definitely not to be missed.

Block10 Production
Written by Luca Merli and Marco Renieri
Directed by Luca Merli
Filmed by Luca Merli, Gio Sbrokked Barberis and Davide Calafa
Edited by Gio Sbrokked Barberis
Music Consultant Gabriele Gabro Minelli
Archival Footage By Dainese
Additional Footage courtesy VR46