Travis Pastrana wechselte zu KTM

travis pastrana
Der neue orange Fuhrpark

Travis Pastrana:

“Huge thanks to the man himself, Roger Decoster along with Ian Harrison and @morais116 for helping me with some new 250cc 2 Strokes! I’ve practically bled yellow for the past 28 years and I’m thankful for every day with Suzuki.. But with RM 250’s being discontinued close to 15 years ago, it’s been getting harder and harder to find bikes and parts. It was time for me to either go 4-Stroke or switch colors. 

Thanks to @motoduff#massive and @trevorpiranha for making the call… Long version video from my first day on @ktmusa link in bio. Shout out to @timmontana for clearing #americanthread for me to use in the piece! 

PS, This was to an airbag but what do you think about that 28 foot tall ramp? Old guy on a stock bike, double flip Superman on jump 1″