Extreme Enduro Lika 2017. Land of the Wolf 5


From 08. to 10. September 2017  in the small  Lika's  village Kunovac Kupirovački  will be a fifth edition of Extreme Enduro Lika race  "THE LAND OF THE WOLF 5".  This year the it will be three days of racing  and promises a great adventure and adrenaline weekend for  Extreme Enduro fans!

 The race is limited to 6 hours and will be 17 checkpoints. Track of 60 kilometers is necessary to overcome as soon as possible within 6 hours. There will be several classes depends of riders skills :  EXPERT and TEAM Expert , HOBBY ,  VETERAN 40+ (Hobby + 40 years) and VETERAN  50+ (Hobby +50 years).

 Motorcycles that may participate  are: Enduro, MX, Freeride and Trial motorcycles. Competitors can choose tyres whatever they prefer,  except tires with spikes . A FIM license is not required, but it is good if you have one, as well as insurance for the rider and for bike,but its not obligation.

From 1.6.2017 will start application for the race . Number of Riders will be limited .

On Friday 08.09.2017 will be the prologue  training on which will be  measure the time.  This prologue run  will not determine the order of starting in Sunday race. Prolog consists of man-made obstacles, and  one part of the track of the Sunday race. One round of the prologue is about 15 minutes. All riders will be entitled to 2 starts of  the prologue and both will be measured in time. Riders do not have to ride in Friday Prologue. Start of the Prologue on Friday is at 11:00 am.

On Saturday 09.09. 2017 will be the Official prologue and will be  measure the time that will determine the starting order on Sunday race. Prologue will be the same track like day before!One round of the prologue is about 15 minutes . All riders will be entitled to 2 start of  the prologue and both will be measured . Riders do not have to drive Prolog but  in that case they will  start the race from last starting position in his class.  Start of the prologue on Saturday is at  10:00 am .

On Sunday 10.09.2017 the race will start at 9:00 am , and riders will start one by one every 20 seconds . The course for the third day shall consist 1 lap of a 60km track which will include  17 check points .The race is limited to 6 hours. Every rider have 6 hours from the time he start   .  For Class EXPERT and TEAM will be two NO HELP ZONE . For Class EXPERT VETERAN and HOBBY will NOT be  NO HELP ZONE  and those   classes have  easier way to pass the most  difficult parts of the track . That part  will be  marked with blue markings. On NO HELP ZONE riders can help each other but nobody else can help them .

 Halfway through the track will be "Tank point" where riders can refuel bikes ,  drink "Red Bull" or water and make repairs on a motorcycle.

The best 3 riders in each class  will be reward with valuable and useful prizes from our sponsors, Exhaust Akrapovic and other awards from this famous  manufacturer, it will be IPONE oil, Crosskrank glasses,  Kovan radiator guards, TK Racing exhaust shields, Gibson  tyres  and other equipment .

 Just  journalists ,  official stuff members  and judges will be allow to ride on the track during the race and the prologue.

More information  can be found on the website:


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or on youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/endurolika

For any further information you can contact the organizers via email: enduro.lika@gmail.com

text, graphic: tomislav maric